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Review of the Mahjong anime series, Akagi. A wonderful series with many gambling and psychological elements. Best enjoyed if you know the Japanese Mahjong rules, however, you can watch it even without understanding how to play the game.


Review of the world famous feature length anime, Akira. Why is it world famous? No idea, I thought the anime was crap, so prepare for bashing in this post. Animation was pretty though.

Argento Sōma

As per MADAO’s request, Hecko reviews the anime, Argento Sōma. The story revolves around an alien invasion and the special task force who are dispatched to kill the alien intruders using alien technology (oh, the irony).

Elfen Lied

Review of the ecchi guro anime series, Elfen Lied, famous for the amount of nudity and gore of the first few minutes of the first episode.


Review of the nerve-wrecking anime, Kaiji. Watch as Itō Kaiji tries to gamble his way out of debt in games that cost people their lives.