100 Facts Meme

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Just another guy on the Intarwebs; writing posts, being awesome. Apart from blogging here, I'm a freelance English-Danish translator and typesetter, having done work for several websites and magazines (e.g. CosMag and Comic Party). For more info, read my profile in the about section.

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  1. Commented on your devart posting instead. So thought I should post something here as well to remind you that I read your blog.

  2. I love the colour purple too! Ma favourite <3

  3. hi there, accidentally i bump into bartender manga.. normally i just read the mangas without knowing who is doing the translation but i guess i just want to congratulate since i think becoz of ur translation i keep on reading it and apparently it has a good story.. bravo :)

  4. @liz: Oh wow, thanks! I only ever translated chapter 24 though; the regular translator is a dude called cityshrimp c:

  5. Hey, Hecko, it’s me, TheCrossEvader from DeviantArt. i REALLY CAN’T GO TO MY DEVIANTART ACCOUNT anymore to give you the scanlation artwork. Can I send it to you in any other place?

  6. @TheCrossEvader: Upload it anywhere and link to it in a comment.

  7. while reading that I actually thought you were a bit like a girl xD btw I didn’t know you had a blog Ô0o

  8. @Hitode: Then… how did you get here..? ;>.>

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