You actually want to know more about the site? What? Are you insane or something? O.o Or maybe you was hoping this was about the yummy-licious blogger, Hecko X? No..? Sigh… Guess there’s nothing to be done about it… Fine fine, here’s the story:

The story

Once upon a time, there lived a nerk with a domain and a dream! “I will create the greatest website the world has ever seen and take the Intarwebs by storm!! >:3 ALL YOUR PRAISE ARE BELONG TO ME!!!” Obviously, he failed miserably since you actually need content to become popular (unless you’re Magibon), so he went for the next best thing, to make a webcomic with two of his bestest buddies. Ironically, that failed too, and in its place came this great blog that you all know and love <3
*sniff sniff* Isn’t it a beautiful story? I always get all teary-eyed whenever I tell it. Or well… type it.

Okay, the real story

Jokes aside, this blog was intentionally going to be a webcomic-blog, but it never really took off as one, since Pid rarely made any content, Madhatter rarely made any content, and the little content Hecko made was never scanned to computer by Madhatter. So after a bit of tacky turny whatever-ing, this place turned into a site with anime reviews. Pid was for some reason never heard from again, and Madhatter was having issues preventing him from blogging. Seeing that the amount of reviews, and thus updates, were relatively few with only Hecko posting anything, the theme broadened to include our daily lives as well. Madhatter had by then semi-broken off and Hecko was from March 2008 the de facto only poster on the blog with Madhatter writing a short post once every two months (yet ironically, despite being the only poster, Hecko was still referred to as “that other guy on the M-27 project“).

Current incarnation

The current version of M Dash is pretty much just a random blog that somehow traces back to the opinions, interests, and unfolding events of Hecko. This basically entails anime reviews, game reviews, current taste in music, current interests, and basically just writing about what he thinks is cool or pisses him off >:3

Madhatter, after his nick change to Kurikku (Click), broke off to katakanabento.org (then a blog, now… something) leaving Hecko alone with this place, which he has now paid for himself (actually making it his). The two have planned collaborations/guest appearances in the future (such as movies, pod-casts, and posts by each other), so it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.

Anywho, on to the completely pointless facts that everyone loves to read.


  • The name “M-27” is actually a reference to Madhatter’s birthday, May 27. He bought the domain years ago, but just never had anything to put here.
  • Hecko tends to call the site “M dash” for short (rather than “M dash twenty-seven”). He’s secretly hoping for it to catch on.
  • Because we don’t know the exact “date of conception” for the blog incarnation of M-27, we say that it was created on January 5, 2008, which is the earliest record we have of it “on print”. We did not really start posting until one month later though.
  • The access to M Dash was unintentionally destroyed by Hecko in late June, 2008, during maintenance of some sensitive files. He rebuilt it single-handedly from backups and cached pages to atone for his mistake, and the site was relaunched on July 11 the same year.
  • None of the original comics made specifically for the site by Hecko and Madhatter were ever uploaded, and thus far, only a handful of people have ever read them (namely Kaiki and Bakayarou Maniac).
  • The highest number of visitors M-27 has ever had in a single day, was on February 23, 2008. We had 119 visitors, 104 of which hated our guts.
  • Out of respect for people’s privacy, when we make mention of our friends, we don’t use their actual names if it can be avoided. They know who they are though, so it’s all cool :3
  • In December 2008, Hecko paid for the domain, effectively making it his for the duration of 2009. Madhatter had by then broken off and made a blog of his own.