Eurovision 2008, WTF?

As many of you know, the Eurovision 2008 song contest was held just a few days ago, and I for one would like to express my sincerely deep dissatisfaction! Seriously, what kind of crap has Eurovision turned into? It’s a friggin’ song contest, and the focus of the contest should therefore be on the songs and the music, yet every year, you see the same piece of shit voting. Every God damn country is giving their neighboring countries the high scores, even when the song sucks like hell, with only few exceptions.

I have also noticed that songs not in English get lower scores. Why is this? I would rather hear a song in a language I don’t get (i.e. the respective singer’s mother tongue), then I would hear a song sprinkled with more or less random English phrases and have an otherwise talented singer completely butcher the English language by repeating the phrases over and over again really, really badly, thus sounding like a complete idiot with a bad accent (more often than not). If it’s that God damn important, Eurovision should have subtitles or something or other in English. Yeah, it’s live, but they have the lyrics several days in advance, they could set it up!

Eurovision has turned sour and I doubt I’m the only one who thinks so. With all due respect to whoever, if this kind of crap keeps up, I hope the Eurovision goes bankrupt, if such a thing is possible. Russia should by NO means have won, especially not with such a high score. 3rd or 4th place, maybe, but not friggin’ 1st, it was a good song, but not THAT good (and notice how all those who voted 10 or higher for Russia, with the exception of maybe two countries, were either part of the USSR or were neighbors to it). In my personal opinion, Israel should have won with Ke’ilu Kan (As if Here), called The Fire in Your Eyes in the contest or something like that. I understood almost nothing of it, but it was made of awesome (!!!) and a friggin’ beautiful song.

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