D3 – Memories of a Rock Band

Yeah, Rock Band was released just a few days ago in Europe on the Xbox 360 (I feel bad for all our Aussie gamer comrades out there, who have to wait until June 25-ish), and gee golly if I didn’t feel a tad nostalgic. This may sound a bit odd, I mean, how to feel nostalgic about a game released only a few days ago in the continent I live in? But just hear me out

Back in November 2007, Denmark had a gaming expo called “D3” (a blatant rip-off from “E3”) which lasted a full weekend (November 16-18), where a bunch of the latest games could be played, including some that had not actually been released, e.g. Rock Band. It had a stand on it’s own, or rather, a large circular stage, where everyone could get up and play in front of everybody else. On the last evening, they had a “Rock Band group contest” were several groups entered. My friend, Kimmer, whom I had gone there with sign up with 3 other guys we met at the Expo under the name “Monty Grail” (a reference to “Monty Python and the Holy Grail“).

Bad luck however struck, when their bassist suddenly disappeared during “show time”. Luckily (or maybe not so much), I was spotted in the relatively large audience of 40 or so people by one of the guys we had met and was pulled up as a temporary replacement.

Apparently, we were the most well-liked group on D3, due to our unique “talent” for the game and our somewhat unorthodox styles and dynamic stage performance. Kimmer was dressed in his usual semi-metal, backyard wrestler style and was by far the most talented singer compared to all the singers from the other groups. We had a pop-stylish guy on drums, our guitarist was “regular” (other than being way into playing the guitar), and then finally we had me in my “I just pulled random stuff out of the closet because I overslept” style, playing the Rock Band guitar as if it was a floor bass and on lefty-flip despite being right-handed (Kimmer teases me about this often…).

However, bad luck struck again when my head started spinning and I fell sideways on the foamy thingy I was sitting on. This unfortunately resulted in me yanking out the wire to my guitar, and the game quit before the song had completely ended. We got a “just about” score of 727.000, almost double of the team made up of EA workers, which landed us a number one ranking, not only at the Expo, but in all of Scandinavia. However, when it came time to the encore an hour later, as part of the closing gig of the entire Expo, I pulled a Macaulay Culkin and vanished from the public eye (lulz XD), and gave the bassist spot back to the original guy who then did the encore with the rest of the Monty Grail group. I was never to be seen again… XD

My Rock Band days began and ended with that performance, which someone just happened to have caught on tape (or… cell phone memory, rather XD), but the original members are still going strong and playing Rock Band, so keep an eye out for them. Below, you’ll see the video that landed us the record. I’m sitting behind the singer, playing like Sting from The Police XD. If the video doesn’t appear, please refresh the page.

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