Naruto: Rise of a Ninja Tourney, Part 3

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja Tourney
Part 1: Pre-Tourney Part 2: Characters and Players Part 3: The Tourney

Naruto Tourney overviewFirst off, I would like to thank everyone for a fun evening, it was nice to finally play against someone IRL so that I could see your faces of despair when I defeated you be more social with you all ^_^

Secondly, I would like to apologize for the long delay. My initial idea was to get the video footage of the tourney so that I could analyse them here (or at least comment them) as well as show the videos to everyone. However, after waiting for like… 3-4 months for Madhatter to give me the videos, which hasn’t been possible due to an array of unfortunate events, many of which concerns his computer/Internet/camera/memory, I’m just gonna say screw it. So don’t expect too much info other than basics and what little I do remember.

On the right, you will be able to see the tourney overview and the character used by each player (click for bigger version, opens in a new window). The overview was made by the host of the tournament, Madman of Kameko, while I later added the characters. I would still like to credit the artist who made the character drawings, which I also used in Part 2, but I have yet to find out who it is despite hours upon hours of searching. The little black dude with the question mark was drawn by me though.

Anywho, for the turn of events, so to speak. It was the promised hour; 19.30 (7.30 PM), when I felt the “Hooooooly crap“-ness that is anxiety. As I had expected, the number of participants boomed half an hour before show time (thanks to the efforts of Pacman, who ran around going “JOIN THE TOURNEY OR ELSE!!! *eye twitching*” or something XD), and the original number of 6 participants had almost tripled to a whopping 16 participants (yeah… those painstaking hours of studying higher level math finally pays off…). Madman got busy with “redesigning” the tourney overview, since he only expected a total of 8 people joining.

I had actually arrived about an hour or so early so that I wouldn’t have to stress about making the deadline later on, and much to my surprise did I see the other competitors practising in a corner of the room. I watched them play for a little while, and joined in on a single match to “feel out” the level of the competition, and from what I was able to tell, it was decently high; higher than I had initially suspected, and despite thinking I was gonna lose, I was excited to finally get some face-to-face competition. I mean, I’ve played online and there are a lot of great players in the world that are interesting to play against, but it just isn’t as fun without actually seeing and hearing the reaction of the other player, which is like 60% of the atmosphere (the remaining 40% being the audience cheering for either player). So yeah, I was looking forward to experiencing it ^_^

In the spirit of making my DAINAMIKU ENTORII!!!! in the ‘Gameroom Tourney System’ (since I was “soft banned” from the Tekken 5 one for having played ‘professionally’ :P) and because he’s just plain awesome in such a corny way, I decided to play the tourney using Rock Lee. I was very motivated to win for two specific reasons;

1: I thought the main prize was candy
2: My then girlfriend, Kaiki, had promised me a “special prize” if I won first place (I had hoped it would’ve been a drawing ^_^ Never did get it though *pout* and yeah, I know what you thought it would be, you perverted bastards XD).

But as luck would have it, the four guys I saw practising earlier in the evening (Patrick, BoB, Morten J., and Lama) was seeded in such a way that I would defeat them all, assuming they won their matches, so the fight to my special prize would be long and hard (enough with your perverted thoughts XD).

And now, on to the fights of the tourney, which I know you’ve all been dying to read about ^_^

•The first match was probably the one I was most nervous about, not only because Patrick played as Gaara, which could spell disaster if I screwed up (see “Part 2: Characters and Players” for info in Gaara), but also because I had no idea of how he played, as I had been dumb enough NOT to take notice while he was playing in the practice rounds. Luckily for me, he had the same style of play as 49 out of 50 Gaara players do, so while I did mess up a bit, I managed to win without losing a round.

•The second match was against Bob, who had mopped the floor with more or less everyone during the “warm-up” time. But because of this, I had seen him play a bunch of times and discovered his one flaw; he never conserves his chakra. Being as skillfull as he was with Zabuza’s Jutsu, almost always getting perfects, this almost evened out, but if someone is good enough to evade at least one of the two “markers” that must lock on the opponent for the jutsu to succeed, Bob would face serious issues as he would be stuck with a slow character that doesn’t have enough jutsu to substitute from a string of attacks and thus turn the tables. Against me, his greatest strength became his downfall XD

•The third match was against Morten J., another Lee player. I had been looking forward to this, since the one training match I did get, was against him, and we had evened out pretty well, 3 out of 5 rounds being decided only because the time ran out. However, in the tournament this only happened once, and there was no doubt that it was I who emerged victorious >:3 Great fight though.

•The fourth and final match was against Lama, who had dominated his side of the tourney with Sakura, even making some people go “how the Hell can someone win with Sakura?!“. The first round, I lost because I neglected to keep an eye on the time, and put some distance between us when I was the one with the least health instead of going for that final launch. The remaining three I won only because I was superior in terms of experience. He had the technique to kick my ass, had he not fallen into a bad rhythm that only works against players that are not all that experienced against Sakura.

In the end, I was victorious!!! XD My prize? A way too big Gran Turismo T-Shirt :P Screw it, I have bragging rights, though I never use them XD I STILL WANT MY CANDY THOUGH!!!

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