Naruto Rise of a Ninja Tourney, Part 1

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja Tourney
Part 1: Pre-Tourney Part 2: Characters and Players Part 3: The Tourney

Naruto: Rise of a NinjaWell, today is a big day. Kinda. There’s a game room tourney in a place called Kraftwerket (“The Power Plant“, but misspelled on purpose) hosted by Madman from Kameko (a small society that spreads East Asian popular culture, e.g. anime, manga, cosplay, etc., in Denmark). As you may have guessed by reading the title, the game we’ll be playing is Naruto: Rise of a Ninja on the Xbox 360.

This is in fact the second game room tourney being hosted at Kraftwerket by Madman/Kameko, the first one being Tekken 5 which I sadly did not participate in for two reasons. For one thing, it would have been completely unfair, as I have been playing Tekken 5 for a considerable amount of time, while the other players had only tried a few times. And secondly, my attention was kind of elsewhere that evening XD But I hope to make a “DAINAMIKU ENTORII!!!” this time and win the whole shebang ^_^ I have no idea of what the 1st prize is, but I’m hoping that it is tons of candy XD At least ½ kg (roughly 1 lb).

The rules/settings seem pretty simple. Each match is best of 5 rounds, each round is 60 seconds, and if you lose a match, you’re out of the tourney (unless they changed it to a cup, which I doubt). Including myself, only 5-6 people have registered so far, but the number of entrants usually boom half an hour before the deadline so I expect a good 15-20 people to have entered by the time we start.

Parts 2 and 3 are on their way. Part 2 will be a list with how I’ve ranked the characters (aka my personal tier list) as well as which players played them in the tournament, while part 3 will be about the course and conclusion of the tournament itself.

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