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Trip to Nabari
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4: Booking a hostel 5: Host Family Info 6: Trip cancelled…

I finally got the info on our host families that I thought I would have recieved back in April XD I will be keeping this extremely short, as I have exams in little over 24 hours, and still have to read, translate, and remember 200-some odd pages.

Anywho, it seems that during hour stay in Nabari, we won’t be living with one, but with two host families. It will apparently be seperated into two halves, marked by our field trip to Awaji (see 2: Schedule for Nabari Trip). Here is the list of who will be staying with what family:

NB! First half is from the evening of July 23 (my birthday, y’all better send me tons of e-mails saying congrats XD) to the morning of July 31. Second half is from the evening of August 2 to the morning of August 12.

Student name 1st half 2nd half
Madhatter Mr. & Mrs. Mikio Uematsu Mr. & Mrs. Igarashi
Hecko Mr. & Mrs. Masahiro Kashida Mr. & Mrs. Katsumi Michihata
WLAH Mr. & Mrs. Kazue Matsuo Mr. & Mrs. Koichi Takeda
Christian Mr. & Mrs. Nakano Mr. & Mrs. Isao Morimoto
Cat Mr. & Mrs. Munenori Yamamoto Mr. & Mrs. Kenichi Oyama
Signe Mr. & Mrs. Kazuhiro Nakano Mr. & Mrs. Kaoru Isobe

Here’s to everything going well with both families for all of us, BANZAI!!! ^_^

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