This is my December…

♫ This is my time of the year… This is my December… This is all so clear… ♫

Okay, now that we got the corny Linkin Park reference out of the way, let’s get down to business. This month is gonna be as crappy as last month was, if not more. I have a 48-hour case assignment in sociology, a mid-term paper in economics, and of course the dreaded Japanese Language Proficiency Test on level 3, which I have payed tons of money for and will probably FAIL because I haven’t had time to study for it… Well, I can always hope for a pass grade in the “2 points less and you would have failed!! >:3” category.

Because of this, there probably won’t be any animoo reviews this month either, but I do have some other stuff planned out which you should’ve seen “on your way here”, i.e. on the front page. I just hope I have time for it all :/ Anywho, yeah, look forward to some December fun on M Dash ^^

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