FFWiki Holiday Shout-Outs 2008

Happy holidays and enjoy the animation, which took me a few weeks to animate and code, except for the spectrum analyser (the bars going up and down), which were ActionScripted by Max Langdon of Pixel Hive Design (I did however edit the code and function to get the image effect I desired).

To play a shout-out, click the name and then press play (because I couldn’t be bothered making a simple auto-play function, deal with it). After that, you can just use the skip buttons to navigate, or you can click then next shout-out you want to hear and press play again. Note that it may take a little time for the animation below to appear, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

If you want to download the animation to your computer, right-click this link and select “Save destination as…”. The file size is ca. 3.7 MB and can be opened using any web-browser (right-click the file, select “open with…” and select a web-browser on the list).

Also, to all FFWikians viewing this, note that this is the last favor I will be doing for you people and that with the completion of this, I am permanently unaffiliated with the Final Fantasy Wiki.

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