Not going to Japan after all..?

Trip to Nabari
1: Going to Japan 2: Schedule for Nabari Trip 3: Not going to Japan after all..?
4: Booking a hostel 5: Host Family Info 6: Trip cancelled…

Fear strikes as a consequence of being made of fail! I regretably failed my PALCS (Presentations in Asian Languages, Cultures & Societies) exam, which means I have to take a re-examination in August. But here’s the kicker, if I go to Japan, which I have already invested a lot of money in, I won’t be back in time to draw my subject that I’m supposed to present (there’s an ectremely short deadline for when you have to draw your subject, 4 hours or so).

The pressure is on as I try to make deals with the administrative powers of my school in order to have my subject drawn for me and e-mailed to me while I’m still in Nabari. If I don’t get permission, I’ll have to cancel my trip to Nabari, and I’d rather not do that since I’ve already invested too much, and I believe it would be a bother for my potential host family as well, if I suddenly don’t show up.

Fingers are crossed and I hope for the best. JAPAN HERE I COME!! (please…).

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