CTR and SCIII Tourneys

Today, Madman from Kameko (those of you who have read about the Naruto tourney should have heard of this guy) hosted two tourneys at the new Kraftwerk, Crash Team Racing and Soul Calibur III on November 27th. Both South Korea and I were rusty at one game (CTR in my case, SC3 in his), and never having played the other we figured “What the Hell!” and decided to enter both anyway >:3 Figuring we would need an awesomesauce cheerleader, we asked Nemu if she would come cheer for us XD It would unfortunately later turn out that she was too busy, so we went uncheered for >_<
For both tourneys there were prizes for those who managed to successfully get among the top 3. The prizes were the same for everyone in the top 3, an EA cap and a poster (the posters were different for each tourney) donated by Jacob Neipart from EB Games or Gamestop or whatever they call themselves these days. At least, that’s what the ‘ad’ said. In reality, it seems there were some problems and while there was a surplus of posters, there weren’t enough hats =_= Anywho, on to the actual reports :3

Crash Team Racing

Oh nostalgia! I remember playing this in my early teens, and unfortunately haven’t played it since, but it gets big hearts from me <3 Anywho, we were playing three laps on pre-determined courses with all weapons unlocked. I unfortunately don't have too much else to say for this tourney, since both South Korea and I pretty much lost in the first round >_< South Korea had never tried the game before and didn't know what any of the weapons did, and I pretty much totally self-destructed on the final lap right before the finish line by setting off my own nitro-box because it was in a blind spot from where I jumped, just falling of the bridge, but not be far enough off course to be returned immediately >_<
Following our embarrassing defeats, we didn’t see much of a reason to stick around, since all the other consoles in the rooms were taken and the place was getting pretty crowded because people would just stop at the entrance instead of moving to the other side of the room, so we went to another room and starting YouTubing and raging against Magiboners =_= The overview should give a pretty good idea of who won though, but I can’t say who people used since I wasn’t really there to pretend that I was paying attention XD I do however remember that Gabriel whined about not being able to play as Penta Penguin (a really weak hidden character only unlockable by cheat code), which was like “… Dear God *roll eyes in disbelief*“. Anywho, a picture of the winners with their poster-prizes can be seen on the left.

Soul Calibur III

The Soul Calibur tourney started two hours after the CTR tourney did, presumably to give people a chance to get a crack at the game, in case they had never tried it before. The settings were set at default controls (i.e. no personal custom controller-setups), best of five rounds, and one had to stick to the same character all the way through. Having only really played the first Soul Calibur game, I chose Mitsurugi, and South Korea went for Ivy, whom he was most comfortable with playing. It soon became painfully clear that the people who won the ‘qualifying’ round really need to get out more, myself included =_= Also, a note to Gabriel, the game actual has sound effects of its own, there is no reason for you to make them at EVERY friggin’ attack you dish out, in fact, it is annoying enough for most sane people to honestly consider ripping out your tongue and strangling you with it. It doesn’t make you cool, nor funny for that matter, but rather makes you about as pleasant to listen to as it is having untreated frostbite on ones genitals, so for future reference, please stop, ‘kays? ^_^

That aside, the competition was actually surprisingly high, so I actually learned a lot about sidestepping, and the approximate frame work for some of the most used attacks, meaning I knew approximately what could be punished and what couldn’t, in a very short amount of time. I can’t use it for anything, since I don’t have or play the game, but still XD Did however find out that I fail at juggles or air locks or whatever the SC jargon for it is, since none of the ones I knew from the first game seemed to work =_= Regardless, I emerged victorious, yaaaay! XD I got the cap from EA games that I promptly gave to South Korea, since a) he really needs one, and b) it’s the type of cap that only Asians and Fidel Castro can successfully pull off (to the left, you should be able to see Fidel Korea). I also got a major Super Smash Brothers Brawl poster that I had planned to give Nemu, but she didn’t really show up, which made it kind of hard >_< I doubt she's much of a poster-girl anyway, unless perhaps it's from a shooter game or has Japanese/Korean guys on it XD
In conclusion, it was a pretty fun day, despite how badly we failed at CTR =_= So thanks again to Madman for hosting the tourneys, Jacob for donating the prizes, and all the people who showed up to play, big hearts to you all ^^

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