Schedule for Nabari Trip

Trip to Nabari
1: Going to Japan 2: Schedule for Nabari Trip 3: Not going to Japan after all..?
4: Booking a hostel 5: Host Family Info 6: Trip cancelled…

Yes, we finally got our schedules at 4:23 A.M. (CET) today. They look as the following (NB! as per Masaaki Nakamori-san, the schedule may be subject to change):

Date Day Mornings Afternoons Evenings
Jul 22 Tue Airport → Nabari Host family
23 Wed Japanese lessons Visit city hall and meet with city principal Host family
24 Thu Japanese lessons Experience of Japanese traditional dish Host family
25 Fri Japanese lessons Visit house exhibition Host family
26 Sat Day off with our host families Host family
27 Sun Experience with school students in Kunitsu Host family
28 Mon Japanese lessons Visit newspaper company Host family
29 Tue Japanese lessons Visit Hinachi Dam Host family
30 Wed Japanese lessons Exchange with hohoemi no kai Host family
31 Thu Field trip to Awaji Awaji
Aug 01 Fri Back to Nabari Host family
02 Sat Japanese lessons (not decided yet) Host family
03 Sun Day off with our host families Host family
04 Mon Japanese lessons Soba-uchi experience Host family
05 Tue Japanese lessons Visit post office Host family
06 Wed Japanese lessons (not decided yet) Host family
07 Thu Japanese lessons Exchange with Japanese Teachers society Host family
08 Fri Japanese lessons Visit Akame waterfalls Host family
09 Sat Japanese lessons Karaoke, Bowling Host family
10 Sun Speech and party Host family
11 Mon Departure

When I become more aware of what some of the things mean (such as “exchange”), I’ll make a small overview of the stuff we’ll be trying out.

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