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Trip to Nabari
1: Going to Japan 2: Schedule for Nabari Trip 3: Not going to Japan after all..?
4: Booking a hostel 5: Host Family Info 6: Trip cancelled…

So, here’s the story. We we having the class “Japanese grammar”, which kind of derailed because our teacher had some important messages. One of them was about a summer seminar in the town of Nabari in the Mie Prefecture in Kansai region (also called the “Kinki region”, which is A-OK by me ^_^). Madhatter and I thought: “Hey, that could be a pretty cool experience, and it’s cheaper than if we went on our own, so hey, let’s sign up“, so we did. *DUN DUN DUUUUUN*

Today, I got a mail from the director of the International Communication Institute in Nabari, Masaaki Nakamori-san, who informed me that both Madhatter and I had been accepted to the seminar (WUHU!). It’s gonna be a 3-week trip from July 22 to August 11, so don’t expect too many updates in that time frame, if any.


In the mornings, we’ll be attending a 3-4 hour long Japanese instruction emphasizing listening and speaking skills. In short, DEATH ENSUES!!!

Anywho, later, in the afternoons, we’ll visit local government offices, businesses, industries, banks, and retail outlets to study real Japanese business practices.

In the evenings, we’ll finally have some time to spend with our host families, interact with the community, and to see the town and whatnot. I’m personally psyched about seeing the Nabari baribari, which is a giant fireworks show and it is held on the night of my birthday, so I figure that is a way cool way to end it ^_^

Madhatter and I are currently waiting for information on our host families and a more detailed schedule, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated

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