Dear Child Has Many Names

I’m busy with my economics paper (have to hand it in in like… 12 hours or something!! O.O), so I haven’t had time to make the next couple of Japanese lessons. I have planned them though, and the the second lesson should hopefully be up tomorrow or the day after that. Anywho, all I had time for was a list of the many nicknames I’ve had, most of which have been used by family and/or friends. It’s kind of pointless, but fun all the same.

Based on real name

Viki/Vicky Victorius Vikipedia Vicks
Vikilence Cviki BIKUTAAAAAA~-san Viggo

Based on alias

Hecky Hector Mr. Hecko/Mr. ‘Ecko Hecko-sempai

Based on cultural heritage

Serbia Da Serb Danac (“Dane”) Mešanac (“Mixed breed”)

Based on my sometimes purple haircolour

Note: Most of these simply mean “purple” or “purpley”.

Murasaki-kun Muki(-sempai) Ljubičanstvo Mr. Purple

Random ones that may require explanations

•Smølfie – means “Smurfy” (as in those little, blue Smurf thingies), though I don’t really know why she (a friend) calls me that. It might be some ironic thing because I’m quite tall compared to her.

•Gurdy – an ex, who apparently felt like being a bit random at the time, called me that =_= Guess it’s only fair, since I called her “Shroomie” (and still do).

•Pičica – actually means “little vagina” >_< came from my inability to say the combined 'pt' in "ptičica" ("birdy", as in birds, not the golf term >_<) when I was 3-4 years old, so I would end up saying "pičica" because it was easier... I'm still being teased for the time I was 3 years old and tried to say "I fed the birdies” =_=’ Yeah, you put two and two together and figure out what I actually ended up saying…

•Shadow King – a reference to Kyoya Ootori of the anime, “Ouran High School Host Club”. Apparently, the connection lies in his way of running the host club (behind the scenes) being similar to how I ‘run’ the FFWiki, since many still ask for my advice on important issues, quote my opinions, ask for favors, etc., despite me officially not being affiliated with the place any longer.

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