Finally more news on one of my favorite films to come out of Japan recently. Tekkonkinkreet is one of the must see movies in the anime world (my opinion) due to its refreshingly new combination of animation, storytelling and a fantastic style. Most people look at anime with standard set eyes, the girls have to look in a certain way, and the stories have to be about standard every day things. Then there are the animes that inspire and choose to be different. You know some of the most popular movies that trail in this path as, My Neighbour Totoro, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Paprika and now the latest Tekkonkinkreet.

Tekkonkinkreet was in the news recently on ANN and of course in Japan for having won Japan’s Academy Award for Animation. So if you get your hands on this movie its not only on my recommendation, there are a lot of people thinking that this is awesome material.

Since Tekkonkinkreet is one of the newere movies the first instinct is to download this through fansubs and the like. I have no problem with this other than if you do so, you damn better buy it afterwards. I got to see it for free at the Japanese embassy here in Copenhagen so I am waiting for my chance to buy it. If you do download it, please remember others to buy it, or better yet, wait until you can buy it and take a chance on an anime you haven’t seen, but is wonderful.

This movie has a great story, solid animation and own personal style. Its not only superficial, but there are many different types of themes that come into play when looking through the silver screen onto Treasuretown the setting of the movie. Everything in this movie is delightful, even the tragedy. It is all worth watching and there is nothing to say more then to give a little summary, and I hope that you will all go out and watch this movie.

Tekkonkinkreet takes place in Treasuretown and follows the lives of two boys, Shiro (white) and Kuro (black). These boys are the masters of the streets and defend their territory from outsiders, when one day a mysterious foreigner comes to town. His plans are to take down the way of Treasuretown and exploit it through buildinging projects essentially trying to take over the town. In this fantastic story, with both ups, and downs Shiro and Kuro defend the town, and more importantly each other.

The fighting is fantastic and the world is amazing.

I gief it 9 <3 out of 10

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