J-Popcon 2008 – 3 Days in the Life of a Gopher

J-Popcon 2008
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J-Popcon 2008 – Conclusion! >:3 BONUS!! J-Popcon – 3 Days in the Life of a Gopher

Well, ladies and gents, here we have a new thing on M Dash; a featured post by an outside author. For those of you who are a bit slow on the draw and haven’t been reading any of the recent posts, we had a J-Pop convention here in Denmark not too long ago, which I wrote some reports on. However, what fun is a story if you don’t hear it in full from all the important parties? So, I asked Nemu, who had signed up as a gopher (which despite it being an easier job than it was back in say 2005, still friggin’ sucks) if she would be kind enough to write a report of the con seen through the eyes of a Gopher. Surprisingly, she agreed, and without hitting me I might add! I also asked Hopy to make one from the eyes of a Cosplayer, and while she agreed, I’m pretty sure she’s forgotten, like she did the pictures of J-Popcon she promised to send… =_= Anywho, here comes Nemu’s report on J-Popcon :3

Gopher… gopher… Distantly in my mind I wondered if they meant those little furry creatures that often let people be fooled by their cuteness, when I first saw the little box on the registration form. “Check here if you want to be a gopher” who wouldn’t want to be that? Furry! So I signed up for it. It sounded like fun! And… what’s this? A free T-shirt you say? I’m so there!!

This was a few weeks before J-Popcon actually started, and I realised later that perhaps it would’ve been wise to have asked someone who’s been a gopher before what it was all about. But alas, I didn’t, which is why I was so surprised when I found out what exactly I had to do. Perhaps it was just me and my normal state of confusion, but I never expected to stand outside in the cold for freezing parts off I didn’t know could actually freeze for almost 2-3 hours. My first job as a gopher consisted of standing guard outside and let people in, gradually, not exactly how I expected to spend my first shift as a gopher, but fair enough, it’s all in a day’s work. Surely the next shift would be much better. After all this was the infamous J-Popcon I’d heard so much about.

My next shift (still Friday) included the movies, which was actually kind of fun. I got to see Soul Eater, and though I’m not a fan of mecha, I could feel the joy of the Mobile Suit Gundam Fanclub, in complete dress-up I might add, and so I didn’t mind being stuck inside a dark room filled with young men and women dressed as Gundam Suits for nearly 4 hours. In fact, the only thing that bothered me was the fact that I wasn’t allowed to leave, which made me kind of restless and sleepy (I dozed off at some point I’m ashamed to say). Although this sounds like a really boring day, I left the con at midnight surprisingly happy still, and excited about the following day.

I didn’t really have a lot to do Saturday, I reported in early in the morning, joined the snoozing people in the Otaku Café and read tons and tons of manga, supervising, seriously though, I was supervising, making sure people didn’t break out in a sprint with 500 mangas tucked under their arms. I’m happy to say there was no need for me to tackle anyone that day. When that was over, I had about 7 hours to kill before I had my next shift, which gave me plenty of time to enjoy J-Popcon’s facilities! I was free to roam the vast plains of the “Dealer Room”, which cost me a ton of money – music, anime, manga, figurines, pillows, T-shirts and plushies. Oh my economy and I had a huge argument that day! I went to the game room, and tried out Dance Dance Revolution – or whatever that was – in super ultra slow motion. It went fairly well. I hooked up with some other gophers and just enjoyed the mass of cosplayers that were always present. And then came the basement of doom… a 7 hour shift working in the cloakroom underground, just exchanging coats and bags for small pieces of coloured numbers. I was psyched! -_-‘ When you have 6 people, 2 which had had 3 hours of sleep, 1 (me) suffering from a severe lack of sugar, and 3 “normal” people, in the same moisty, dark room, weird things start to happen. It was incredibly fun, but bad for the mind! Truly a basement of doom!

Sunday… the last day of J-Popcon. It was pure awesomeness! This truly was the day of cosplay. The day was spent laughing and awing over the amazing cosplay acts and costumes. I have seen one live before, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least! Cosplaying as an ANBU (random) that day I fit right into the crowd of cosplayers, and yet stood out from those who went on stage – I thought I’d done a fairly decent job cosplaying, but those guys blew me away. The make-up and costume were grand and extravagant, and their acts were throughout. It was awesome! If you didn’t see it, you missed out on the awesomeness of awesome! The cosplay acts were followed by a documentary on cosplay from the German Team – so cool! – and later the rewards were giving. All this were followed up by a catwalk, photoshoot and reaaaally good cake from the guys at the bar. I was so sad to go home, but I had to. Having a test Monday morning sadly doesn’t sit well with staying out the night before.

Monday I woke up feeling sad and sore; running up and down 5 flights of stairs really doesn’t sit well with my untrained muscles. J-Popcon was so much fun, mainly because of the people that I met and talked to (I got to see my favourite anime characters in real life size – yay! o/.) Every time someone asked me [so..how was it?] I would giggle and just go off into my own little world. I can’t wait for the next one, even if it is a whole year from now. Being a gopher is not something I’d want to do again, even though all the “employee perks” were nice. Hey, free T-shirt! xD

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