Perverts Visiting M Dash? :3

NB! Not fit to be read by people not old enough to have sex. Parental advisory yadda yadda legal stuff. Read at own risk (though it isn’t that bad, I just don’t want extremist Christian parents going “THIS SITE ENFORCES THE DEVIL AND FREE SEX AND FORCED MY SON TO WATCH!!!” or something…) :3

Anywho, I’m busy with stuff, don’t really know what to write about, so here is a short list of some perverted searches people have made, which resulted in them visiting M Dash (this site).

dragon ballz fuking games
Chun-Li shower scene (or similar). About a score or so visitors.
Anna Williams shower scene (or similar)
dominate harem anime youtube
hosho spiritual god, about fuck
monster sex female human anime
makie rape tentacle wicked taki (or similar). About a dozen or so visitors.

Just for fun, in a month or so, I’ll write how many views this pages has had, and roughly how many of them searched for stuff like hardcore porn, lesbians with dildos and sybians, anal and DP, sex toys, blowjobs, threesomes, hentai, and whatnot :3 (yeah, leading them here with fake keywords, how mature I am, huh? XD). I’m guessing for roughly 100 visitors, since they’re pretty common searches, despite the many millions of people sarching for them XD

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