「 Day 1 」

After being very unhappy with the old site, due to some issues with the way posts were made I finally made the progress that I wanted by deleting the old page and sticking with this new one. I am looking very much forward to getting the stuff that me, pid and victor have made up on the site.

All is good in the evergreen forrests of our lives! We are about to embark on a journey of un+epic dimensions, so I hope you will all bear with us as the start of such a random project usually takes time. Everyone of us will be able to blog on this site, so now for an introduction so you know what this is.


So what is expected from this site. Well not much really, but then agian possibilities are endless on this cyber sea of junk and useless posts and pictures of cats with words on them. Intended use for the site is an upload place for Madhatter’s, hecko X’s and Pid’s stuff. So keep your eyes peeled. There will be a few webcomics and singular pictures, the frontpage will be updated with posts from each user and then afterwards they will be archived into their own pages so you can follow the webcomics you actually like (yay me :P boo hecko X, thats what you get for the punching me in the face comic!).

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