1 Year with My Hunnybunny!! ♥



Dun dun duuuuuun! Today, Quantum and I have been together for exactly 1 year, yaaaaaaaaaay~

Because of a really quirky schedule, we had to have our 1-year anniversary in bits here and there, so it was more a series of small celebrations than it was an actual big one on the day itself.

My anniversary gift to her was an all expenses paid trip abroad for an extended weekend (Thursday through Sunday), where we got the chance to spend time with friends, see some cultural sights, attend a wine festival, and Quantum got to try a bunch of Balkan foods and spirits that she had never tried before.

All that occurred on our 11 month anniversary, i.e. a month early, because work wouldn’t allow for it otherwise. Work barely allowed for it this time either, as I ended up having to working both Thursday and Friday while abroad, haha.

The day before yesterday, when I took Quantum to dinner at a dinner event with friends, she surprised me with this super awesome artwork she made of my favourite Tekken character, Mokujin. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? 8D

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