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Patty Lowell
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The Animoo

Devil May CryDevil May Cry revolves around Dante, a demon slayer who himself is half demon. One day, he gets the job of protecting a little girl who has been targeted by demons. She is to arrive at a disclosed location before a deadline, as described in a letter she has received, if she is to collect her inheritance. However, nothing is at it seems, and unbeknownst to them both, this is but the first part of a major plot to destroy the world as we know it.

The Boring Info

The anime is 12 episodes long and is based on the game of the same name.
Chronologically, it is placed after the first game, but before the fourth, making the order DMC3 -> DMC -> the animoo -> DMC4 -> DMC2 (according to Nelo).
Dante’s two guns are called Ebony and Ivory, and as the names suggest, one is black and the other is white. His enchanted sword is called Rebellion. This has no storyline significance whatsoever, I just mentioned it for good measure.

The Characters

In snack-sized bits
Dante – Dante is half demon, half human. His father, Sparda, was known in the demon world as the strongest demon swordsman who ever lived, but also as a traitor, because he chose to oppose the demons in favor of humans. Dante “followed in his footsteps” and became a demon hunter. He has an odd fondness for Strawberry Sundays and never seems to eat anything other than pizza (without olives!). Despite what he earns, he is always in dept, usually because of his poor gambling skills, bad bets he makes (and loses) and tendency to destroy his surroundings while on the job.

Lady – Lady is a demon hunter that always manages to sucker Dante into helping her out, usually by making a bet with him that she then wins. She renounced her real name, Mary, when her father, Arkham, the main antagonist of Devil May Cry 3 ,killed her mother. She was then simply referred to as “lady” by Dante because he had nothing else to call her (also in DMC3), which is a name she has used since. While only a normal human, she is highly skilled in the use of firearms and in close quarters combat, and succeeds in bringing down hordes of demons. As an interesting bit of trivia, the name of Dante’s shop is taken from a line Lady said to comfort him when he was mourning the death of his twin brother, Vergil (though not admitting it): “Maybe somewhere out there, even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one. Don’t you think?

Trish – Trish is an artificial creation by Mondus, the main antagonist of the first Devil May Cry game. Trish was created in the image of Eva, Dante’s human mother, in order to make Dante believe that she was still alive, as part of Mondus’ plot to lure Dante to a a desserted island in order to kill him. She has two guns similar to Dante’s Ebony and Ivory, as well as demonic powers (superhuman strength, agility, and the ability to generate lightning from her hands/fingers). Since the game, she partnered with Dante for a while, but later went solo as a demon slayer. Dante does however remark that she is welcome to return as his partner any time.

Morrison – Morrison is a human character who acts as Dante’s liaison, informing him of various jobs. From time to time, he also repairs stuff around the Devil May Cry office, for a price of course.

Patty Lowell – Patty is a young girl, who lived in an orphanage, introduced as the first job for Dante. He was to protect her from demon attacks during her travel to collect a large fortune that she supposedly had inherited. This later turns out to be a scam set up by the real Patty Lowell, who used the girl as a stand-in so that she could collect her inheritance without being targeted by demons. Thanks to Dante, the girl was paid a large sum of money for their troubles. She has since then spent most of her time with Dante at the Devil May Cry office, and despite not wanting to admit it, Dante becomes very attached to her. Unbeknownst to Patty, she is in fact a descendant of a very powerful magician, a fact that will come into play late in the storyline.

Sid – Sid is a demon who is as low on the ladder as can be. He has plans of grandeur, wanting to become the most powerful demon to have ever lived. Sid serves as a the red thread in the storyline, often appearing for no apparent reason in various, collecting parts of other demons slain by Dante.

The Songs


Guess what it’s short for… Anywho, D.M.C. is the opening song and is performed by Rungran. It doesn’t feature any lyrics, but hey, that’s cool too. It has a nice… eh.. bridge? (I’m not a music analyst, so if your gonna get all technical, then bite me). Anywho, it has a nice segment in the middle that sounds kind of classical, with a sad slow-mo feel to it, while the beginning and end are more slow-mo “violent intent” (by “slow-mo” is meant it could be used for a slow-motion bit in an anime, featuring the mood described directly before or after). It’s an awesome song never the less, and I imagine guitar fans go nuts about the violent intent parts and wanting to find the tabs/cords for it.

The animation is kind of a bite-sized “here are the characters, here are some of the demons, here’s how the demons are brutally slaughtered“. Actually, not really, but it is kind of a demo-reel of what the anime is all about.

I’ll Be Your Home

I’ll Be Your Home is performed by Rin Oikawa and was used as the ending theme. It’s kind of a sad, bittersweet song, but actually pretty good, even though the lyrics are pretty abstract and hard to make sense of. The style of the chorus reminds of Coldplay, for some odd reason. Or.. well, it reminds me of somethingand Coldplay was the first thing that sprang to mind. If you just forget about making heads or tails in the lyrics and just listen to the music and the voice of the singer, it makes for an extremely niceties song that goes well if you feel kind of down, because it makes you smile in a sad kind of way. So on a rainy night (if you the type, who unlike me, get kinda sad and moody when it rains), listen to this, though I suggest looking for the full song.

The animation is all about the mood, and is as cryptic as the song. The sun is setting, and you see the inside of Devil May Cry. Dante is sitting on his desk with a drink (whisky?) in his hand. The “camera” (POV, whatever) changes to various place of Devil May Cry, where the different characters are seen resting. At the end, Dante gets up, and fades away. Like I said, very cryptic and hard to explain, so I suggest you watch it for yourself.

The Opinion

I’ve read a couple of reviews of the (Run)DMC (hir hir hir) animoo, and the main point most people came with was “It has no plot” and “all it does for the first 10 episodes is show how “cool” Dante is“. They are idiots. It isn’t supposed to have a 13 episode long “to be continued“-type plot. Every episode has a plot of its own (save the last 2-3, which actually do use the “to be continued“), which all come together in the end. And you damn Skippy they show what a cool character Dante is, because he is a cool character, but more importantly, they try to establish who Dante is, what he does, and what his relationships with the other characters are. This is especially good if you’ve never played any of the games, because there’s no need for having an expansive knowledge of the DMC universe before-hand (though playing the games will make it easier for you, but then again, so will reading the character section of this review).

Even so, there actually is a red thread through all the episodes, which all play out to reveal a greater scheme that has been going on behind the scenes since the very first episode. EVERYONE who whined about the anime and its lack of plot seem to have completely missed this point, probably because you really have to stick by it to the end, and be a bit forgiving here and there, for it to make proper sense.

Anyway, Devil May Cry is a nice anime, but it isn’t really the “greatest” anime. It’s good for a few chuckles here and there, but they really put the focus on demon slaying and trying to expand the character of Dante, possibly to make people more curious about the DMC universe so that they’ll buy the games. I say, watch the first 3-4 episodes and if you then decide it isn’t for you, don’t bother with the rest. The ending does sort out the threads very nicely, but chances are, if you don’t like the overall style and tone of the anime, you won’t like the ending either.

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