Just One of Those Days

Wouldn't stop fucking bleeding

Wouldn’t stop fucking bleeding

You know those days, where you really just wanna go Fuck this and pretend it never happened, but then reality slaps you in the face with more shit? I hate those days.

I start out the day with having to go to Bispebjerg for some check-ups, as I had been having sub-dermal haemorrhages, muscle pains, and a feeling of all my veins being on fire.

After 6-7 blood tests, a urine sample, and a punch biopsy later, I get the temporary diagnosis “Vasculitis; underlying cause unknown”, with more specific test results in 2-3 weeks.

It beats the hell out of the It could be meningitis… diagnosis, but the wound kept bleeding for ages, and stung as a motherfucker whenever I put weight on the leg /BitchBitchWhine.

I went to work after being released to finish up some things before a deadline, and went home a few hours later, fully expecting to just chill and put the day behind me.

FK 14. Oktobar, before (by Sasa Dragojevic) and after (by Milana Obradovica)

FK 14. Oktobar, before (by Sasa Dragojevic) and after (by Milana Obradovica)

But fuck no – my cousin writes me on FB “You know the concrete bridge our aunt helped build? Yeah, that shit is gone, Jadar has gone rampant from heavy rainfall, and half our village is flooded.” FUCK. ME.

Apparently, my village and the villages along the river Jadar, are under up to 3-4 metres of water, AND IT’S STILL FUCKING RAINING!

The wreckage following the hail storm of 2009 was NOTHING compared to this – 20.000 people are fucked and damages are currently in the range of 180-200 million dinars. (May 18 edit) New numbers are in that damages in Serbia alone (Bosnia was also affected) are totalling more than 1 billion Euros.

This is only property damage, and doesn’t consider all the people who are now screwed because crops will fail, they won’t have anything to eat or live off, and will be in debt for the next many years, assuming they live till then…

Jesus fuck Christ…

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