J-Popcon 2008 – Final Day

J-Popcon 2008
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So, today was the final day of J-Popcon and the day of the giant cosplay contest + cosplay catwalk. I unfortunately did not go because I suck ass at get up before noon, so I’m leaving reviewing the cosplaying to Nemu who actually did go. I will however say that it was two of my friends who won the trip to Japan, so a BIG congrats to them! ^_^

From what I gather, the general opinions on this day are split into two groups. If you went to the cosplay event, today was TEH SHIT!! If you didn’t, it was just plain SHIT!! And yes, I belong in the latter group, because to me, every little fucking thing just had to go wrong starting with the baldy, better known as ‘Per from Playright.dk’, stroking his ego.

Having missed the cosplay event, the only reason I had for going was to join the gaming contest. I entered right when the first fight had ended and asked the guy in charge if it was too late to join, to which he responded “Yes.” Fair enough; I missed the deadline, said “oh, sucks…“, and hell, nothing much to do about it, but then he added on “we did advertise this event for three days… *hint of arrogance and fucktardness*” Aha… Well, let’s look at how true that statement is, shall we? *Ahem*

  • On the first day, there was no programme schedule, so no one knew about ANYTHING going on at the con. Even the gophers were like “… *shrug*” when asked about the schedule, so as for Friday, no advertising.
  • On Saturday programme schedules had apparently been made, however the only people who knew were the gophers and the people who were told by other people or who found out by chance. The magnetic white boards only listed events for Saturday, so unless you were one of those lucky people who found out about the schedule, you wouldn’t have known about the gaming event (I was told by a friend about the event at the end of the evening, by the way).
  • The event was not even mentioned on the “Events” page of J-Popcon’s own blog (they said they would make the other events public ASAP, but now J-Popcon is over and it STILL hasn’t happened).
  • The room the tourney was advertised (i.e. written on the schedule hundreds didn’t know about) to be in was changed last second
  • The game that was advertised to be played was changed last second (the signs saying that the room was changed still named the wrong game, this is how last second the change was)
  • The time the tourney was advertised to start was changed last second
  • No notifications of any of these changes were posted on J-Popcon’s own blog. They didn’t even upload a schedule to their blog to give people an idea of what was gonna go on (“Hi, you’ve reached Common Sense’s answering machine, I’m out right now because I got sick and tired of you people ignoring me, YOU GOD DAMN SONS OF BI-*beeeep*“).

So, unless your marketing strategy was to FAIL more than a FAILosaurus Rex shooting FAIL beams of FAIL at the comet from the cosmos of friggin’ FAIL, I don’t think you advertised the game event well enough.

Furthermore, implying it was somehow my own fault for not knowing (I’m not a friggin’ psychic), since you did such a “good job” advertising the event that the problem couldn’t possibly have been with you, was just a stupid and bitchy thing to do.

But hey, that’s just my opinion, feel free to act like a fucking arrogant and overly incompetent jackass anytime, but if you wanna grow a pair of testies and take responsibility for your fuck-ups, that’s cool too ^_^ P.S. [2;240] minutes ≠ 3 days (just for future reference =D).

To sums things up:

  • Sunday at J-Popcon if you went to the cosplay event = “YAAAAAAY!! BEST DAY EVER!!! =D
  • Sunday at J-Popcon if you didn’t go to the cosplay event = “HAD WE BEEN IN SERBIA RIGHT NOW, I WOULD’VE RUN YOU THE FUCK OVER WITH MY TRACTOR OF DOOM!!! >:3

And to top things off, my friggin’ favourite umbrella broke in SIX different places on my way back from J-Popcon because of stormy weather!! FUCKING BAD DAY!! >:3 Well, at least I had chicken… and squid… and curry rice >_<

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