J-Popcon 2008 – Day 2

J-Popcon 2008
J-Popcon 2008 Opens Its Doors J-Popcon 2008 – Day 2 J-Popcon 2008 – Final Day
J-Popcon 2008 – Conclusion! >:3 BONUS!! J-Popcon – 3 Days in the Life of a Gopher

Today was actually a somewhat interesting day at J-Popcon :3 The peoplez had set up magnetic white boards and written today’s schedule on them, which was nice, except they didn’t really stick to it too well… Stuff would get delayed by half an hour or an hour at a time XD

A lot of people showed up today, and I mean A LOT of people… Unofficial numbers say we were around 1.400 people on Saturday, which is a total fire hazard just waiting to happen O.o Also, note to J-Popkai, in rooms where tons people gather for several hours while wearing costumes that don’t breathe all that well, for the love of all that is good in this world, CRACK OPEN A FRIGGIN’ WINDOW EVERY NOW AND AGAIN!!! The Otaku Café smelled like a mix of popcorn, french fries, and old, sweaty gym socks… It was putrid >_<

Well, while the Otaku Café was a bit “JFC!! O.o”, the game-room had a pleasant surprise; a game I could relate to: ‘Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection’ XD Though I’ve never played beyond ‘Tekken 5′ (there’s a surprisingly big difference between the two), in the 20-40 minutes I was standing there, I was whoopin’ ass XD Only lost one match against a Dragunov player because I got kind of predictable after a few matches against him, but I fixed that pretty quickly :P Lupin even came by and whispered “You’re cheating :3” in my ear, since she actually knows how good I used to be at Tekken games (Danish pro circuit, whoo! XD)

Anywho, I credit the day being awesome to Lupin and her younger sister, whom I finally got to meet formally :3 She was so adorable, made me go “aaaaaw :3” a bunch of times when she acted all shy and stuck close to her elder sister (then again, with all the pedobear guys around, I really can’t blame her >_>) and Lupin was of course as cute and sweet as always <3 >3> I ended up spending a great deal of time with them by chance, since whenever I was looking for someone else, they would for some reason be there XD

I also ran into Hopy a few times, who for today’s occasion was cosplaying as some blue-haired chick from XXXholic (I think it’s called, I don’t really know the manga/anime >_<). She seems to have gotten into the habit of calling me Muki-sempai or just Muki due to my hair being purple-ish ( = murasaki = purple). I don’t really mind that she calls me that, and I think it’s sorta sweet in a very odd kinda way… but it takes a little getting used to since I rarely actually spend time with her :/ However, seeing how my Japanese teacher sometimes refers to me as “Murasaki-chan”, I might get used to it sooner than I think >_< I also happened to run into a girl who used to draw Yaoi pr0n of me and Madhatter, so that was a fun surprise XD She has the COOLEST hair though!! O.o
South Korea didn’t show up until later in the evening because he was “busy busy busy“, which is South Korea jargon for “I played DotA all night again, and didn’t wake up until 14.00 (2 PM)…” XD When he finally did show up, we figured we should go check up on Nemu, since I hadn’t seen her since I got there four hours earlier and we figured she might have gotten eaten by Domo-kun or something >:3 We asked Madhatter and was told that she was working in the wardrobe, also known as TEH BASEMENT OF DOOM!! O.o Poor girl was stuck working that station for like… six hours or something @_@ But she seemed to be having fun, all things considered, so I guess it’s all good :3

During the end of the evening came the only event that I figured would be worth attending; karaoke! :3 For some reason, they only give this excellent event 30-45 minutes, while all other events got twice the amount of time. I don’t see why they couldn’t just have left this on for 2-3 hours or something, but they didn’t :/ All the songs were from anime or games as far as I could tell, but unfortunately, there were only about 10 songs… After that, we were more or less tossed on our asses, so I went home XD

Anywho, all in all, a very good day, since I got to play Tekken against a couple of peepz and spend a bunch of time with Lupin, something I hadn’t done in like… a year-and-a-half or something, so that was nice :3 Hopefully I get to spend some time with her again tomorrow and watch her sister walk down the catwalk, if I can get up early enough for the cosplay event ^_^

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