Bomb Threat Diverts Norwegian Plane Bound for Oslo

Suspect apprehended

Suspect apprehended

A headline that is plastered all over the media today, when an Oslo bound plane made an emergency landing in Gothenburg following a bomb threat.

I thought it was fun to find as many articles on this as possible, since I was one of the 94 passengers aboard the airplane, and boy has it gotten skewed.

The ironic part is, that the ones who skewed what actually happened were both reporters – a Norwegian journalist for TV2 (Norway) and a Danish former journalist intern for the Danish paper BT.

What the Danish journalist intern said:

There was widespread panic among the passengers when they evacuated the aircraft and saw all the emergency vehicles and personnel. (This article has been edited since I read it the first time, altering some prior “certainties” and using a different photo)

Everyone being fucking chill

Everyone being fucking chill

What actually happened:

Everyone was pretty fucking chill about it, making jokes and taking pictures of all the cops and emergency vehicles.

We even all got praised by the police and cabin crew for how calm we had been. Just because she possibly lost her shit at the sight of emergency vehicles doesn’t mean the rest of us did.

What the Norwegian journalist said:

The suspect tried to run from the police when they were trying to apprehend him.

What actually happened:

The police pulled him away from the plane as quickly as they could, because what kind of fucktard puts a suspect in handcuffs only 10 metres from a plane that might have fucking bomb in it?

I don’t know about y’all, but I wouldn’t be chilling close to it longer than necessary.

So what now?

Well, it’s like… 21:45 right now, and the bomb squad started searching like an hour or two ago.

Business lounge

Business lounge

We had been waiting in the domestic terminal since we arrived and just got moved to a business lounge half an hour ago.

We had some snacks, fruits, and sandwiches, and have been promised warm food and hotel accommodation when we arrive in Oslo, so that’s cool.

Finally, kudos to the pilot and cabin crew for being so pro. Almost none of the passengers knew about the bomb threat until when it was announced 30 mins after we landed.

I myself only became aware because of the odd inconsistencies in the flight announcements while we were in the air.

saying that one of the passengers was feeling very sick so we had to land, but to remain seated until after the police had arrived and to leave behind all carry-on luggage as we left the aircraft.

If that doesn’t scream “we have a criminal and possibly a bomb on board”, I don’t know what does. So yeah, I was freaking out a little bit until we landed and got some distance to the aircraft.

All in all, it’s been a bad day today.

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