Valentine’s Day 2014

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day – the day of commemoration of Saint Valentine, who on this day died a martyr’s death, which we celebrate by giving our significant others overpriced chocolate and flowers.

Being the obvious hipster that I am, I flipped mainstream the bird and opted for a swimming pool instead – fewer currents.

I organized a swim day with Quantum and a bunch of friends, so that people not in relationships didn’t have an excuse to sit at home and be all mopey.

It was wicked awesome, and everybody seemed to have had a lot of fun, so that’s totally a repeat one of these days.

After that, I took Quantum out to dinner at a nice Vietnamese restaurant, where we were joined by Mama Jill and talked random ideas for fun events we could make with people, such as an Ice Cream Crawl in Copenhagen.

Finally, we went back to Quantum’s place, where she surprised me with this amazingly romantically prepared room and some Marvin Gaye. All in all, a friggin’ awesome evening.

Roses, lights, and butterfly wings

Roses, lights, and butterfly wings

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