Making a 18+ Convention… Maybe…

Anime Revolution 2012 Swimsuit Competition Source

Anime Revolution 2012 Swimsuit Competition (Source)

The concept of an 18+ convention in Denmark is hardly new – people have been asking for it for years (since at least 2009).

The reason it never really amounted to anything is because of lack of initiative and concerns of the market being too small.

Having recently come back to the convention scene and being inspired by some peeps in a thread on, I figured what the heck and started brainstorming things to do.

The start-up concept is pretty simple:

  1. make a mini-Genki
  2. add liquor
  3. ????
  4. Profit

Planning has commenced, and while I currently don’t want to reveal too much, here are some concept ideas, that I’ve seen people ask for:

  • Alcohol
  • Sake tasting event
  • Ghibli Studio cinema
  • Tea ceremony
  • Alcohol
  • Debate panels
  • Non-mainstream anime with introductions
  • Food making events
  • Ban on things such as free hugs signs
  • Alcohol
  • Cosplay swimsuit contest

I have several pricing structures in mind, depending on the difficulty of execution, I may make it a 16+ convention instead, to slightly increase the market.

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