Pain Experiment

A screenshot from the experiment

A screenshot from the experiment

So, I was on TV for this episode in a series of science shows, which had to do with human perception of different things.

This particular one was about the perception of pain, where the ‘main feature’ were the two hosts trying to go through the pain of childbirth while the two minor features were a repetition of two previously conducted experiments and ‘myths’ – that men are more squeamish than women and that redheads are less tolerant to pain than others.

In case you think it sounds familiar, than it’s probably because this had been tested in episode 142 of Mythbusters: “No Pain, No Gain.” The way it was tested – dunking your hand in salty ice water – was also the same.

The thing that made it to TV was heavily edited though. The experiment was a two-step one; first the ice water and then a heat plate placed directly on your skin.

However, they had edited out the heat plate part of the experiment, and used the footage as if it was a part of the ice water experiment.

Additionally, all the scenes where people look like they were in extreme discomfort are fake – the makers of the programme asked to shoot those separately after the experiments were done.

But altered or not, I got some pretty sweet movie tickets for the cinema with Denmark’s (currently) largest movie screen that I plan on using with Quantum, so all good.

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