Wicked City

The Animoo

Wicked City CoverFor several thousands of years, the human world and the demon world have existed alongside each other, occasionally making contact. While many wish a peaceful coexistence, wars would still break out and countless lives would be lost. This forced the top honchos of both worlds to get together and sign a peace treaty that ensured peace between the two sides (or else…).

Every few hundred years, the current head honchos would renew the contract, however, a radical faction of demons (in the English version called… ehm… Radicals) want to prevent the new treaty from being signed and have therefore targeted one of the head honchos, Giuseppi Mayart. It is now up to Taki and Makie, two Darkness Guards from the human and demon worlds, respectively, to ensure the safety of Giuseppi long enough for him to be present at the signing ceremony. But are their combined powers enough to withstand the hordes of demon assassins..?

The Boring Info

The anime is about 80 minutes long and was made in 1987 (great year). It is based on a novel by the same name.
In Japanese, the title is 妖獣都市 (Yōjū Toshi); its French title is La cite interdite; and its Italian title is La città delle bestie incantatrici.
Wicked City was turned into a movie back in 1992 (it was made in Hong Kong), and I heard that a German production company had intentions of making a new version, but I haven’t found any recent info on it.
Because of its mature content, I recommend that young people do not watch it, and if you choose to ignore what I said, I am not longer liable and you wave all suing rights. There, I said it.

The Characters

In snack-sized bits. Click the names for character images.
Taki Renzaburou – Taki is the main protagonist of the story and a playboy on par with Tony Stark, without the sissy armor of course… Anywho, Taki has a front as a salesman, but in reality, he’s a Black/Dark Guard (average Joe by day, SUPER AGENT BY NIGHT!!). He gets assigned to protect a VIP by the name of Giuseppi Mayart long enough for Mayart to sign the peace treaty between humans and monsters.

Giuseppi Mayart – Besides having a kick ass name fit for any Italian mobster or pasta maker, Giuseppi is a +200-year-old perverted geezer from the demon world who thinks himself to be as big a playboy as Taki is (in his defence, he does get laid once during the movie, even if it was an assassination attempt). His presence is needed to close the deal on the peace treaty, which is why he is being targeted by an group of demon extremist who are trying to prevent the signing of the treaty from taking place. On a sidenote, I’d like to add that his training/jogging outfit has a friggin’ upside-down Triforce on it, how awesome is that?! (Ocarina of Time, ftw!)

Makie – Makie, no last name (as she puts it), is a Darkness Guard from the Demon World. In the human world she works as a model, but states that she has little success because she scares off the other models, which makes her disliked by her sponsors. She is assigned as Taki’s partner on the bodyguard mission, and being a main character, she obviously also has a sex scene (and being the only female main character, she obviously also gets raped by monsters and tentacles…).

The Terms

Dark Guard
While officially translated as Black Guard (I think), I heard it as Dark(ness) Guard in the Jap version (yamigaado), and because I think Dark(ness) Guard sounds way more awesome, that’s what I’m gonna call them. But anywho, they are in all simplicity guards who make sure the balance between the human world and the demon world is maintained. The profession is not exclusive to humans, Dark Guards can come from either world. If it makes it easier, just think of them as the Men in Black.

Demon World
In the English version, it was called the “Black World” to go with the term “Black Guards”, I suppose. In the Jap version however, it was called “Makai” (魔界) which translates to “Demon World”/”World of Spirits”, or quite simply, “Hell”. I call it “Demon World” to better contrast me saying “human world”, and it makes it less confusing should I want to cuss at some point. Anywho, the Demon World is a world existing parallel to the human world. The two worlds have had interactions and was for several millennia, but as it stands now, the common populous seem unaware of the other worlds existence, with the exception of military extremists and of course the Darkness Guards.

The Peace Treaty
The Peace Treaty is… well, yeah, it’s a peace treaty… Anywho, the treaty ensures the peace between the human world and the demon world, but the terms are renegotiated every few hundred years (according to Taki) and must be resigned. If it is not, all Hell apparently breaks lose (no pun intended).

The Opinion

If Men In Black was a cartoon and had porn and the occasional tentacle rape scene in it, it would be pretty close to Wicked City. Only 5 minutes into the movie and you’ll see a sex scene, a woman turn into a monster with a sharp-toothed vagina that goes *CHOMP!!*, and you’ll catch yourself thinking: “HOLY CRAP!! *grab crotch, check if everything is still there* Yeah, okay… so he just banged a spider-monster and almost got crushed by her insane strength, but is his dick okay?!” Well, if you’re a guy at least…

I was actually saddened by how good it was, at least compared to my expectations of it. I was in a real bashing mood, and I had heard that this anime sucked, but alas it was quite entertaining. Even the English version was good, I mean, what the hell?! Well… Except for the English voice of Mayart, that was just bad… But I really don’t have anything to bash it for. If you like the noir movie genre and you aren’t too squeamish about tentacles or rape, then you should definitely see it. The fact that everything in the anime occurred within 36 hours was for me a plus, since it added to the sense of “realism”. And the twist ending, while somewhat cheap and clichéd, did what it was supposed to, as I never saw it coming.

However, as a minor note to all you people who went: “I dunno… there’s something “off” about this anime“, I would like to remind you that this was made in 1987, back when the main component of hair was keratin and not gravity-defying rainbow particles. So if you have to have someone with a three-story tall neon-green hairdo, you got the wrong anime, Bub.

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