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Today, I went to Restaurant Tokyo with Eutaku, Jazz, Duracell and Duracell’s girlfriend. Quantum was supposed to come too, but a school thing got in the way.

It was the first time for me there, but both Duracell and Eutaku had been the before. It is apparently one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Japanese restaurants in Scandinavia.

It had a very authentic and traditional Japanese atmosphere, with bonsai trees, elevated wooden flooring, and furniture for sitting directly on the floor.

The food is made fresh on order, which is excellent, the only downside being that large parties will have to wait long for the last to be served. For dates, it’s manageable though.

I got to try two dishes I had never tried before – chawanmushi and donburi – and probably never will again, but it was worth the experience.

The price is ever so slightly on the pricy side, when looking at the food alone, but taking the atmosphere and excellent service into consideration, it is quite fair, perhaps even cheap. Stick to drinking water though…

We had an awesome time with lots of jokes, laughs, and general silliness – the staff was very tolerant of us, which I have to give them props for.

In conclusion, a great place for dates or small intimate gatherings, but if paying for two, save up a bit.


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