The Quantum Girlfriend

As evident from my new year’s post, I have a girlfriend nicknamed Quantum, because I suck at names and she spoke about quantum theory the first time we met, which is awesome.

We’ve been dating for just over 2 months now, and as you can probably guess from the photo, cake makes her happy. Then again, cake makes most people happy.

We were brought together by a friend in common – Thisted – which I have to make sure I mention every time, because that’s how we roll. Batman covered in bacon.

Anywho, we both have a love for horrors, geocaching, and weird Japanese movies, so that’s awesome. It’s still pretty new, but we’ll hopefully find more interests to share with each other.

Also, she has elf ears. Let me repeat that – she has fucking elf ears. How friggin’ cool is that? She’s like Arwen, except I get to make out with her. I wonder if that makes all my anime geek friends the Dead Men of Dunharrow.

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