J-Popcon 2008 Opens Its Doors

J-Popcon 2008
J-Popcon 2008 Opens Its Doors J-Popcon 2008 – Day 2 J-Popcon 2008 – Final Day
J-Popcon 2008 – Conclusion! >:3 BONUS!! J-Popcon – 3 Days in the Life of a Gopher

J-Popcon 2008 started today, yaaaaay! A quick note for those of you who don’t know, J-Popcon is an annual J-Pop convention (hence the name) in Denmark. Anywho, I was there at 2.30 PM, an hour and a half before they opened, since I went straight there from having taught an English class to some gymnasium freshmen. Taught them all about faking a file corruption to get 12-hour extensions on papers if they missed their deadlines, about the sex industry in Japan, organized crime, and all that stuff that youngsters these days need to learn X3 Madhatter was in line waiting with me and got one of the Swedish chicks staying at his house to flash her Akatsuki bra while in line, so that was pretty entertaining for a little while XD He then started playing ninja soldier with his walkie-talkies that have a range of five friggin’ kilometres, cause you need that in everyday life >_>

Anywho, of course it had to be friggin’ cold outside, so by the time I got in, I could probably pierce armour plating with my nipples X3 South Korea was NOT there, and didn’t even show up in the line until 30 minutes after I finally found a place to sit and of course he had to make me wait with him, so there went another hour standing in line! >:3 but he got attacked by Panda, so I guess we’re even XD The only problem was that eeeeverything seemed to be a bit delayed. And by a bit, I mean like… 2-3 hours or something XD And someone had messed up the program schedule, so people had no information on what movies were going in what cinemas at what time, which was a total bust >_< Gamer-room was also several hours delayed, and didn't reeeeally feature that many good games in my opinion, though they did have Rock Band! :3

Aaaanywho, before we even figured any of that out, we were spending a great deal of time with one of the gophers, Nemu, who also attends our school. This was simply because we didn’t have anything better to do, and cause we like talking with her since she’s lots of fun (even though she hits us… X3). Besides, she was wearing purple clothes and make-up, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT?!?! I was like “baaaaw ♥” >3> *ahem* yeah… She’s probably gonna hit me for that if she ever reads this… >_>

She wasn’t the only person from our school the we actively spent time with, as The Twins from South Korea’s class had also shown up at the con (one was wearing a white traditional Chinese shirt, which was AWESOME! :3), and they were accompanied by the always cute Hopy, who was wearing a kick-ass yukata (summer-style kimono) :3 Hopy looked absotively adorable in her yukata, though it could’ve been prettier had the colour of it been primarily purple, but hey, that’s just me XD I also met up with Frost and Lupin, two girls I haven’t really seen since my gymnasium days, so that was always nice :3 They were kinda busy looking for stuff to buy in the dealer room (a hall were people can set up shop and sell various items), but I’ll be talking to them again tomorrow, I hope ^_^

All in all, it was a pretty cool first day, if you just look away from that I totally sugar crashed during the evening and felt like crap due to major dehydration (headache, fever, blurry vision, etc. You know? The works), forcing me to go home 1½ hours before all my friends X3 But I hope to make up for it tomorrow with renewed vigour! And enough money for food and drinks… >3>

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