Japanese Candy from Ms. Jürs – Part 1

So, the ever so lovely Ms. Jürs sent me a candy offering, because I’m so sweet and adorable and hard to resist ♥

Well, not really, but the point is, she did send me a parcel from Japan containing all kinds of random candy, that I hadn’t seen before in my life. It wasn’t for me exclusively though (unfortunately…), so I won’t be reviewing all the candies and snacks, since there has to be enough to go around.

That having been said, I’ll start you off with the full 2 kg glory of everything she sent me(/us):

Leonidas tried to claim some of the candy

Leonidas tried to claim some of the candy

Of which I will currently be reviewing:

Random note: The bag these were all in was apparently from a health shop, since most of these candies/snacks supposedly have certain health benefits.

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