Never Lupus..?

Never Lupus..?

Most of you readers will most likely know of

I’m probably one of the root causes that it has spread in my circle of friends, since I always posted stuff from there on Facebook, and the reason I know of it is because Henryacores did the same.

I recently made and posted the image of Conspiracy Keanu, seen on the right, talking about Lupus in the show House, M.D. Thus far, the results have been crazy.

Within the last 30 or so minutes, my image has gone from a mere 59 likes and 2 Facebook shares (one being my own), it has exploded to 1295 likes and 38 Facebook shares, and still climbing.

Thanks to whoever was the third person to share it, since it seemed to have happened after that!

I somehow feel a bit proud and taken aback, seeing that it’s the first thing I’ve made that’s gotten passed 60 likes. It would be a cool Internet achievement, if it was to make it all the way to the front/hot page 8D

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