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Sup? As you’ve all noticed, I haven’t update for a long time. Life has been a mess of exams, work, issues, and work, so I haven’t really had time or motivation to update M Dash.

Right around the time I had written the Chinese New Year post, a member of my family, who had suffered a stroke and subsequently slipped into a coma, passed away in his sleep.

Having been a father figure to me throughout my childhood and teen years, I was ‘feeling down’ to say the least. Right around the same time, I was having relationship issues with Nashayla (we eventually worked things out though).

Additionally, I’ve been working a 9 to 5 job while also studying for two exams; one I’ve passed, the other I have yet to get the result of.

Furthermore, I’ve been working on a webshop for a company owned by two of my friends. It’s in beta mode, but if you’re interested in cosplay and anime/manga merchandise, please go have a look.

But needless to say, all unnecessary stuff, like updating this blog, has been kept on the backburner while I try to organize my life. I’m just happy that I have my momz, my lovely girlfriend, and my friends keeping me busy, cause otherwise, I might have gotten crushed by the sheer weight of it all.

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