Merry Christmas 2011!

Photo of Nash on my desk

A very merry Christmas from M Dash!

I spent my Christmas with Nashayla and her family, having my first Danish Christmas since childhood, when my grandparents were still alive, and trying certain foods for the first time ever! :D

The day consisted of us going to church, singing, coming home, eating a feast of a Christmas dinner, singing some more, and then opening some presents.

I got a gift certificate for 10,000 Japanese yen (for books) and a framed photo from Nashayla of herself, which is now sitting on my work desk ♥


I gave a lot of gifts this year, totalling roughly 2,000 DKK! owo

  • I gave my mom a “best mom in the world” medal and money.
  • I gave Nash’s dad the album Flash Gordon by Queen and two beers from Sarajevo.
  • I gave Nash’s mom the book 1Q84 (the first one in the trilogy).
  • I gave her sister a pair of breakfast bowls, since she recently moved out.
  • I gave Nash two pairs of white gloves and a joke gift.

Our presents were well protected by the guardian cat of Hell’s gates, Caesar! >:3

All in all, a pretty awesome experience, and I’m really grateful that they let me take part. Apparently, it’s a first for her parents to let outsiders join ^^’

Nash's joke gift: hat and gloves of Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece; her favourite character

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