m-27.pngIn the game System Shock the future is ruled by corporations, as in Doom 3. Movies also portray this future of corporate dominance of social structure in Blade Runner, War Inc., Alien, Resident Evil and countless more. This scenario is being treated as a threat, because corporations have no moral index except for the public relations front they put up and their only guiding compass is profit. This is the low end type outlook on corporations.

The reason corporations are evil is that they are not morally inclined to do anything, but work for prophet. It is important to understand how a corporation came to be to understand what makes a corporation tick. You must understand that a corporation in 1980 was awarded the same rights as people. They are liable if they do something wrong, they can sue and they can be sued. Corporations are an entity or a person. They enjoy the same rights of freedom of speech and they enjoy the rights to be liable in case they do something wrong. However they are not a person and lack total moral judgment and again profit is the main goal. This however is balanced by the corporation being run by CEO’s, you would think. Then again CEO’s are mostly interested in cutting costs and saving as much money as possible with the incentive of attaining skyrocketing bonuses, to keep the CEO’s working for the interest of the corporation’s moral index, profit.

So how regulated is the moral value of a corporation when the people that are monitoring this aspect are technically being bribed by bonus incentives to lose the moral streak and in most cases this works, because the individual CEO’s begin to think that they are part of the corporation and that it is not their personal responsibility as long as they follow the law.

Shareholders in a corporation are not always evil, but in some cases shareholders use corporations to sponsor their own activities. Scientology, a cult that promotes family segregation, not using psychologists leading to higher suicide rates and not using prescription medicine causing death is a lead shareholder in the 7/11 corporation.

The corporate ability to patent living beings that are not human, through the decision in 1987.Corporations can now patent life, except that of a full born human baby. Corporations which are not out there to search for the pursuit of truth, but that of profit and these owners will not use these technologies to help cure diseases for they are there to generate profit.

Every time a gene gets isolated while mapping the human genome that specific gene can be patented. Genes for specific diseases are patented and the corporations generate profit by selling out the gene to researchers that wish to work on it to cure that disease. Profit generated from nothing except the decision from the patent office by legalizing the patenting of life.

Just making sure you guys are with me and remember what the real responsibilities of corporations are. Corporate responsibility is something that corporations adhere too because its sound business sense by maximizing profit and customer awareness. Another tool of marketing, since now a day our market is full of planeteers. These are people that want to save the planet and due to this they want to support corporations that want the same. Corporate responsibility is shallow in most cases.

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