December Updates 1: Food and Candy Reviews

I keep failing to update my blog, which is horrible. However, while I don’t update, I have actually been working on a few review posts, but they’ve just been a long time coming.

Noodle reviews

My basket was overflowing

Some time ago, I decided that enough was enough; I wanted to try brands of noodles other than my regular Xing Fu chicken flavoured noodles, to see if something could beat my favourite noodles.

So, determined to try what else is out there, I went to Asia Town in the heart of Copenhagen, and bought noodles for crazy amounts of money. The dude behind the register gave me a discount, because I bought more items than he cared to count.

I’ve bought both cup noodles and noodles in packets of various brands and countries of origin, so I look forward to trying them all. I even bought a bowl specifically for this purpose.

Candy reviews

Candy from KAIKI

I have a ton of candy reviews in the making as well. I bought a bunch of random Japanese candy on eBay some time ago, though not all made it to Denmark unscathed (1/5 became inedible). Nashayla’s dad also recently returned from Japan, where he bought me two types of candy, which I was pretty happy about.

Additionally, KAIKI gave me a delayed birthday present of 500 grams of assorted Asian candy that she bought for me while she was in China. It has like 50+ different candies, so it’s gonna take me forever to review.

I’ve been considering taking candy reviews a bit more seriously, and making a different blog for that exclusively, where each post will be about a single piece/type of candy, but I doubt I will have time for this, which is a shame. I barely update this one as it is, after all.

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