Candy from J-Popcon 2011

Like stated in my previous post, I attended J-Popcon this year as a dealer. For a ‘review’ on the convention, please read that post, as I would like to stick to candiez here. A quick pic of what I got:

Candy I got at J-Popcon

From the left, the things are:

Everything on here was given to me. The chocolate was a gift from a friend from the Netherlands, who is also the chairman of the organization behind the largest anime convention in Holland, AnimeCon. He’s a super swell guy with a taste for whisky, so if you like to go taste testing, he’s your man!

The rest were gifts from two of my employers; the owners of BananaCosplay and one of the dealers at the convention.

Chocoladeletter MELK

As my friends can attest to, I’m not much of a chocolate man, especially when it’s chocolate without crisps, nuts, or something crunchy in it. This, however, was exceptionally good milk chocolate, and the fact that my friend had taken the time to not only look for candy for me, but to find one shaped like a V for my name made me really happy :D

For snacking purposes, it’s very tasty, but a bit impractical. It’s thick and clunky, so it’s not something you can put in your pocket and nibble on when you feel low on sugar. It’s also not something you can break into pieces – like a chocolate bar – to serve as a sweet for when you have guests. This is best for when you feel like chilling with a relaxing movie and just want to completely devour some damn nice chocolate.

Pocky – Strawberry Flakes in Cream

Similar in concept as the Lychee Flakes in Cream Pocky I reviewed a while back. The jury is undecided on this one, since while the strawberry flavour of regular strawberry milk Pocky is much better, in my opinion, the aftertaste of these ones is far more pronounced. That being said, I think I still prefer the regular ones.

Like with all Pocky, they are easily portable and can be eaten anywhere.

Pocky – Choco Banana flavour

Looking at the image, I was afraid this was gonna have a very strong flavour of dark chocolate, but on the contrary, the chocolate flavour is subtle, which really makes the banana spring forth. If I were to compare the taste to something, it would have to be a mix between my favourite ice cream as a kid, Stopi (no longer being sold…), and my favourite banana flavoured dessert yoghurt with chocolate sprinkles. Oh sweet nostalgia~ ♥

Like with all Pocky, they are easily portable and can be eaten anywhere.

Collon – Strawberry Flavour

No “Son, I am disappoint” meme could justify trying to express what I feel. Honestly, I had really been looking forward to these, but they turned out to be the worst of the lot.

In concept, they are a lot like the green tea cream cookies I got from Nashayla, but just with strawberry cream instead. In all honesty, I liked the green tea ones better, and I usually hate green tea. The biscuit roll these things are encased in is so gross when you get to chewing. A big miss in my opinion, compared to pretty much any other strawberry flavoured sweets/snacks I’ve tried from them.

The packaging is, however, ingenious. It’s shaped like a small music box and can be re-closed by sliding part of the ‘lid’ into an opening, holding it in place. Peeeeerfect snack keeping on the desk or even in a drawer, as the lid prevents dust from entering and also the cookies from stale too quickly.

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