m-27.pngSo there I was one day just walking down the street when I noticed the church of scientology. I looked at it, it gazed back into my ever present awareness and I thought to myself, I wonder what goes on in there. Does it motivate people, enrich their lives, and support the society it lives in?

Short answer is no. They have a variety of problems that make scientology this weeks evil of the week. The reason for this is broken down into two categories. One being money and the other being social welfare of human life, primarily members.

The first category which is money is a problem, because scientology ruins lives through its quest to attain money from its members in order to support their vast organization. The problem isn’t that they require money to operate, which is fine for any organization to require from its member. Its just that the amount the squeeze out of their members and the ways in which they do so is immoral.

The way that the organization is built up it forces people to buy books to advance ranks in the organization to attain “enlightenment”. After purchasing your way to the top you will be out approximately, 400 thousand dollars US, and you will have worked innumerable hours voluntarily.

The second category is the social welfare of members. Scientology and its religion does not support psychiatry. At all. It completely abhors it. Since the history of psychology as they say is one of evil and used only for the purposes of entrapping humans. This leads a lot of their members at least 10 a year to commit suicide, numbers provided are sketchy at best, but a few deaths have been confirmed through Life is good though for scientologists since they take a host of vitamins and keep themselves safe from temptation of different types of activities such as drinking, drugs and so forth.

Still many of the members that break the rules that are set in place in scientology are sometimes forced into a system of punishment camps that are run by scientology all over the world. There has been at least one in each major country that has had scientology granted rights of a religion.

Not every country has accepted scientology as a religion, usually because of the way it uses money as an incentive for its religion. Finland turned scientology down yet again last year, but in some countries the scientologists have been given the right of a religion and this has prompted tax exemption giving the organization more power and rights than ever.

If a family member of a church member tries to debate or in any way make the member leave the church a disconnect is put in place by the church removing the relative or the member and keeping them hidden for a while to make sure the member does not leave.

This is why the church is an evil organization. I am not even commenting on other atrocities, murders, fraud and proven criminal conspiracies like operation snowflake. That might come at a later point.

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