October Update 1: Relationship

Intense stare of teh sexy /ay caramba

See that really hot Asian chick on the right? That’s mah sexy señorita~

Since the last update, we had some… turbulence… in our relationship, but we managed to work past things and have been together for 10 months today :D

These last few months with her have been AAAAWSUUUUUUM! We’ve been going out a lot, having good times, hosting events for friends (like the mahjong thing), and playing Tekken; AAAAAAAAAAAWWW YEEEEEEEEAH!!

So guys, too bad, she’s mine! And considering she went through the trouble of getting me a 110 cm tall inflatable penguin, you’ll have to pry her from my cold, dead hands if you want her!! D8<
Okay, not really, I’m not that creepy… BUT IT WON’T BE WILLINGLY!!

Penguin of fucking awesome!! Nashayla on the right, Tux in the middle, Nash's colleague on the left.

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