Gumi 100

Here comes a very short candy review of the five Gumi 100 flavours available here in Denmark!

Gumi 100 is the product of Kasugai and receives it’s name from being a gummy (gumi) candy containing 100% fruit juice (or at least so it claims). All candies come in handy miniature bags so you can easily put a bag in your pocket it to enjoy later.

Gumi 100

From top left, the things are:

Gumi 100 – Orange flavour

When I tore open the bag, an immediately smell of oranges and rubbing alcohol attacked my sinuses, inducing two sneezes and a lot of hurt, so I left the bag open for a while to ‘air out.

After that, I took a second whiff, which was a very mellow orange and quite likeable. The taste was, however, lacking; it was tart, but the orange flavour itself was extremely subtle. It’s not until the aftertaste sets in like 15-20 seconds later that you really notice it, so I was disappointed.

Gumi 100 – Pineapple flavour

The pineapple flavour is the exact opposite; there’s no smell of pineapples, but the taste is great!

It has a lovely tartness that gives just the right ‘zing’ of real pineapple, though it obviously doesn’t have the same taste of freshness.

Gumi 100 – Grape flavour

This… pretty much just tasted like purple, much like other grape flavoured candies.

I admit that I’ve never had real grape juice, but… I can imagine this is more along the lines of grape drink.

Gumi 100 – Muscat flavour

I was actually not looking forward to this one, since I’ve heard that muscat tastes odd and bitter and all kinds of other weird crap (plus, it smelled weird…). But it was new to me, so I pretty much had to give it a go.

It tasted pretty gross; kinda like if you stick your face in a make-up bag and take a deep breath through your mouth or something. Makes me wonder if they use muscat in lipstick.

Gumi 100 – Apple flavour

Pretty good actually; sweet apples with a hint of tartness.

They didn’t taste of something with 100% fruit juice though (being an avid drinker of apple juice, I should know). 30% maybe, if we’re being generous, but 100% no way.


All in all, a decent buy if meant as a candy to accompany an elementary school lunch, but other than that, hardly worth the money. If you’re contemplating buying it for yourself, don’t bother. There are better stuff for cheaper prices in DK!

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