A Mahjong Awesome Time

Two days ago – Saturday – I was at a evening of friendly Mahjong hosted by Nashayla, which included hours of mahjong with seven other people, yummy nachos, a lot of smack-talking (from me), and internal betting.

We were playing a variation of the Chinese Classical Scoring Rules that I have dubbed the Gavnholt Edition, which pretty much just omits most special hands except for one suit and all chow hands. For those interested in learning to play with it – or already know, but are too lazy to do the calculations manually – I’ve created a spreadsheet (with a bit of help from Nielsm) to be used for it, which can be downloaded here.

Long story short, it was an awesome evening that simply MUST be repeated some day, except for the fact that I pretty much lost horribly each time we played OTL

Image of the spreadsheet

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