Candy from Nashayla

This is a waaaaaaaaaaay overdue post. About five or so months ago, during Easter, I spent some time at Nashayla’s, who had arrived from Japan some time prior.

Easter almost coincided with our four month anniversary, so as a special treat, she had decided to show me what a Danish Easter was all about, since I’ve only ever celebrated Easter with Serbian traditions.

One of the Danish traditions is an ‘easter egg swap’, which is basically that you get a paper mache container shaped like an egg (they come in various sizes), fill it with candy, chocolate, or other goodies, and then you exchange them. She had gotten me a GIANT one that she had filled with super interesting candy and snacks from Japan :D

Seriously though, the thing was huge. It can be seen on the right next to my slipper (for comparative purposes). FYI, I wear size 44 slippers, which is a good 10-10½ in the UK and US. Cracked open, here’s what it contained.

Candy Nashayla bought for me in Japan

From top left, the things are:

Karl – Green Wasabi flavour

Yeah… naming sense… Anywho, I was a bit dumb when trying this snack, since I pretty much just opened the bag went “uuuh, shape and texture like Flipsy,” stuffed a handful in my mouth, and THEN decided to read the flavour on the front. Fucking wasabi…

Now, the flavour is by no means overpowering, and for people who eat wasabi raw (like a couple of my friends), the flavour would probably even be considered pretty damn mild, but as you all know, I R a byatch with teh spicy; it was too much for me.

Aside from that, it’s a decent snack when you’re just lazing by the TV. But like with Cheetos, the powder gets all over your fingers, so you probably shouldn’t scratch you eye or anything else after munching down on these.

Funwari Meijin – Kinako Mochi

I was pretty confused eating these, since when I read “mochi”, I expected the texture to be sticky. On the contrary, the texture was light and ‘fluffed’, like a Cheeto you leave out in the open for too long. It’s not at all a bad texture, just not what I expected.

The fluffy rice snacks are covered with kinako (soybean flower) and are wrapped in small packets; six packets each containing six fluffy rice ‘balls’. The taste is so an so; kind of bland in the beginning with a slightly salty aftertaste, which is sorta good.

I’d consider this a sort of healthy snack alternative to crisps and something you’d bring to eat during the small break between the early morning classes, since it’s easy to carry the small pack with your lunch, in order to stave off the worst hunger before lunch break.

Choco Snack

A snack with a prize! In addition to the chocolate snacks, you get a Meitantei Conan (“Case Closed” in the US) collectable picture card with a puzzle on the back, so they’re probably aimed at kids ages 8-12.

As for the snack itself, I dunno… It’s shaped like a gourd and is essentially a Malteser with darker chocolate. Because it’s darker, it’s also a bit more bitter than Maltesers and I honestly thought the aftertaste was a bit like old raisins or weak chocolate liquor. Not my thing.

Cream Cookie – Green Tea flavour

The first one you eat will taste funky. I mean really funky. REALLY funky. Kinda like fish gone partially bad. However, if you eat the second one right after, it tastes GREAT. So as long as you keep eating them, they’re pretty awesome, save for that first funky one. Magic :O

Anywho, the sweets seem a bit high brow, if you catch my drift? I prefer lowbrow stuff myself, like crisps or candy you just dig into while watching TV or working. These give off more of a “4 O’clock tea with the lady friends” sort of dignified feeling. So they’re pretty good, but there’s an image mismatch.

Caramel Corn – Green Tea flavour

Now THIS is more my thing. Despite their name, caramel corn aren’t actually caramels, as in toffee; they’re more fluffy, with a texture like Cheetos (lots of Cheetos comparisons today, huh?).

The taste is DIVINE though. They essentially taste like Sugar Puffs with just a hint of green tea. Soooo yummy!


Since these were made by the same company who makes Pretz, which I absolutely LOVE, I had some high expectations for this buttered potato flavoured snack.

They tasted absolutely great, but compared to most of their Pretz products, it falls a bit short. Karujaga tastes somewhat like Estrella’s Potato Sticks, which I adored as a child of 8-9 years old, but less salty (and thus better, in my opinion).

But while awesome in their own right, I’d still pick just about any Pretz product over this, even the Edamame ones.

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