I R Great Kamen Rider of Friendship!

The Postmen with their featureless
faces and lack of individuality.

Today, an unspeakable evil happened! One of the otherwise docile creatures that inhabit our fair planet carelessly made a life changing error… Known by their red torso, black legs, and markings, which indicate that they are part of the collective hive known as… “The Postal Service“!

Casting aside their individuality, the creatures are known simply as “Postmen,” charged with the duty of safely delivering messages from one person to another. I too, was once one of them, but the strain on my body was too great, and the hive cast me out.

But because of my time with them, I know the inner workings and beliefs of their sanctums, and today… someone had committed the lesser of The Three Pillars; sins that ‘carry’ the principles of the hive and which must never be broken, for the result would be chaos.

The Pillars are:

  • The Obelisk – Theft of a message; punishable by death by excruciating torture.
  • The Colonnade – Loss of a message; punishable by death by bleeding.
  • The Pilaster – Wrongful delivery of a message; punishable by loss of a limb (third time is death).

The Royal Letter of Friendship.

The lesser being the Pilaster, which was broken when the postman delivered a message – seen on the left – to Nashayla, which was not addressed to her or any of the other residents of the secret Nash Cave of Wealth (secret in name only; hiding under the guise of being a middle-class cave).

The normal procedure is to drop the message into one of the collection boxes, showing the trademark red colour of the creatures and also carrying their mark. It is then collected and returned to the hive, which redistributes the message and attaches an order of punishment for the creature who delivered it the first time around.

However, seeing the nature of the message, and the prefix “To the dearest …” on the cover, I took it upon myself, AS THE GREAT KAMEN RIDER OF FRIENDSHIP – FURENDO GARDIAN!!, to deliver the message to its rightful recipient and to save the Postman from possibly meeting its demise.

The Castle of the recipient.

After exhausting my sources and using my tracking skills to their extreme limits, I managed to locate the living of the recipient. The travels were not without their element of danger though, as I faced panthers, bears, leopards, and finally, the King of Beasts, the mighty lion. However, with my great fighting skills derived from many years of training in preparation for the King of Iron Fist tournaments, I walked all over them!

Finally, I had reached my destination… With my strength waning from the battles, I knocked on the door. At first, there was no answer, but after a while, a figure appeared. Oddly though, the figure was male, and the recipient was female, so when I asked about the indescrepancy, a hard truth befell me… The princess was in another castle…

Fortunately though, she’d be back later in the evening, so I dropped off the message and all was well. JUSTICE PREVAILS!!


Got an incorrectly delivered letter, thought the envelope was endearing, so rather than dropping it in a mailbox for later distribution, I looked up the address online and delivered it myself. The rightful recipient was at work, but her companion was very grateful on her behalf.

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