QQ Noodles

QQ Noodles

Here comes another noodle brand review, like the Koka one I did a few months back. This time, I’m reviewing some flavours from the brand QQ, but since I could only get three flavours here in Denmark, I’ll probably amend this post at some point.

I’ll be keeping a similar format to the other review, but in addition to boiled and fried, I’ll be adding on the taste of the soup itself, something I completely neglected with the Koka noodles.

A thing I should mention, which surprised me at least, is that QQ noodles are glass noodles and not the usual wheat noodles, which I suppose is good news for people with gluten allergies.

A ‘feature’ I really like about the cups is that it has a hole the size of a large needle in the lid, allowing hot air to escape at a slow pace. Lids without holes tend to ‘swell up’ and become difficult to remove, especially if you poured in too much water.


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