Life Update Part 4: Comic Party and Elephants

CP#4 cover
Left side by Yamazaki Urita
Right side by Sandra Norup Andersen

Well, long story short, we managed to finish Comic Party #4 only a few days behind schedule (albeit the 3rd schedule…) and it has been sent off to the printers.

And yes, I have actually been taking pictures of elephants, but because I got some last second extra work on Comic Party, the pictures have been taken sporadically, and I haven’t really had time to turn them into .gifs and upload them.

That being said, work on Comic Party #5 has already started, and I will try my best to find time between school and work to upload the elephant photos. On a ‘sadder’ note though, it seems that several of the elephants have been sold ahead of time, so there’s no chance of getting all 102 elephants.

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