Life Update Part 3: Nashayla

About three weeks ago, Nashayla and I had our six month anniversary. She had been planning it for a while, and had meant for it to be a surprise, but I unfortunately spoiled parts of it because I like to deduce stuff… ;>.>

Regardless, I had an absolutely wonderful time with her; we went to the movies and watched Kung Fu Panda 2, then we went to Tivoli Gardens and tried a few rides, and finally, we went dining at a restaurant. We also exchanged a few gifts; she gave me a tie and Kung Fu Panda + Happy Feet on DVD, and I gave her a silver necklace for her crucifix, since the one she had from childhood unfortunately broke.

Sadly, the weather turned out a bit bad and we forgot to take any commemorative photos :c

Nash and I, dining with her family.

Anywho, recently, on July 5, it was Nashayla’s birthday. She was supposed to go dining with her family, but I got invited along also, since I’ve never had a meal with both her parents (I’m a pretty picky eater, so it’s really embarrassing for me…). Regardless, I was invited to a small, Italian establishment really close to where I go to school.

The food was excellent! I wasn’t much for the starter, but I absolutely loved the main course and dessert, so all in all, a pretty good place. It was still a bit awkward to have her dad pay for me though… OTL

Nash at the Vietnamese restaurant.

Two days later, I took her out for a birthday dinner, just the two of us. I had hoped to take her out to her favourite Vietnamese restaurant, but because we had the worst storm in Denmark in the last 500-odd years, they were closed due to water damage. Instead, we went to my boss’ aunts Vietnamese restaurant, which wasn’t bad, but a tiny bit bland (the food, not the restaurant).

The place itself was pretty cozy, and the paintings reminded me of the ones my late grandfather used to paint, so looking at the walls reminded me of my childhood. The service was pretty good, but the waitress should have buttoned up her shirt some more; way too much was showing… ;>.>

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