Music of the Moment #3

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This one goes out to South Korea, since all the songs are Korean XD Those of you who find the video for Temptation of Sonata slightly familiar have probably seen Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, since it’s essentially a carbon-copy, except for the ending and Loz’s lack of his weapon (the Dual Hound) :/

Also, according to South Korea, the songs by Big Bang are songs with ‘hard emotions’ (which basically means they’re emotional… but in a hard, manly way! O.o). It’s probably true, but I don’t get what they are saying most of the time, but the music is awesome, so it could be about a dog for all I care XD They’re essentially a Korean version of B2K, I would say :3

#5: “Tell Me” – Wonder Girls #4: “Temptation of Sonata” – IVY
#3: “Last Farewell” – Big Bang #2: “Lies” – Big Bang
#1: “We Belong Together” – Big Bang

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