Life Update Part 2: Back in School

The two textbooks I'm using for class.

In the last week of June, I returned to school after a one-year long leave of absence to earn money to help pay back bank debts. It went decently well, I think, around 45,000 DKK including my savings. Anywho, my leave of absence ended in June, and I am to finish my last year of my bachelor’s degree this coming school year.

Since I still very much need to work, and also because studying Japanese takes a lot more time than people think, I decided to take my electives during summer school, which is also why I’m not in Serbia right now.

As can be seen on the right, I’ve chosen Consumer Behaviour and Internet Marketing, as I plan on taking a master’s in marketing, if I’m to take a master’s at all. Consumer Behaviour is pretty interesting, but Internet Marketing is incredibly dry and boring.

Anywho, I’m currently doing my mid-term exam in Consumer Behaviour, which is due in about a week, and is actually kinda fun. At the same time, I’m also trying to find a way to study up on Japanese, because I’ve become insanely rusty, so I’m not exactly looking forward to Year 3 Japanese after the summer vacation ;>.>

Having already finished my electives by then though, and no longer having to spend time on Genki, I’m feeling confident that my skills will significantly improve, as long as I keep my head in the game, so best of luck to me! :D

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